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You have to look at the glass half full!

This year has been extremely hard with the Covid Pandemic for everyone. Constantly wearing masks, being stuck home, depression, fear and anger are all around us on a daily basis. As a cancer survivor I also have the added bonus of experiencing flashbacks

due to these situations. I am heartbroken for those that are in the midst of fighting a cancer battle and seeking treatment currently! When you receive a cancer diagnosis life itself becomes overwhelming. What medications will you need to take, what foods can you have, what foods do you need to avoid? Will this treatment cause long term side effects? Are my kids doing ok mentally? What will happen to the business I have work so hard at? Why me? Why now? The worries and stresses go on and on! The one thing that kept me sane was taking it one minute at time and trying to look for the smallest bit of positivity in all of these SHITTY situations! To this day I am always telling Alyssa, " You have to think positive"!, "You have to look at the glass half full"! I truly believe this. Please send a note to a lonely neighbor, wave at strangers, pray for the sick and live each day like it may be your last! Keep you glass half full at all times!

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