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Dyslexia Stories

This year has been quite a learning experience. Ally and I will be finishing up our first year of homeschooling in June. The main thing I learned is how Dyslexia can impact every single facet of the learning experience. Educators in Ally's past blamed it on her having ADHD. Now with no distractions, working one on one, and Ally attending to task. I see her severly struggling with reading, writing and typing. It takes her three times longer to do everything and she is trying her very best.

Here is where the self esteem struggles come in. How can you feel good about yourself when everything is hard. Watching all of this frustration unfold led me to write. I have a desire to share with the world that it is ok to be different. It was an honor to dedicate With God We Can to Ally and Matt. Both of these kidos have had more than their share of struggles but they have hearts of

gold and that makes me A VERY PROUD MAMMA!!

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