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Why I Relay

By Tracy Kearcher

A few years back I participated in my very first Relay For Life (Of North Central Connecticut) as a cancer survivor. It was a very emotional day. I met and spoke to fellow survivors and saw many different families and individuals whos lives had been impacted by a cancer as well. Many of them did not have a happy ending to their cancer stories like I did. This is why my family and I continue to Relay.

This year on September 18, 2021 I will be the opening survivor speaker at 12pm. I am honored to share my journey from first being diagnosed, my treatment, to battling various side effects four years later. I love their motto, "every little bit helps" because it is so true. From raising funds for cancer research, to talking with another young mother who also had her life interrupted from Breast Cancer and realizing that you were never fighting alone is the very best medicine a girl could ask for!

Tracy's Relay For Life Link-

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