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What do I do?

This is a very common question that people ask when meeting someone new for the first time. What do you do for a living? I feel like they are never prepared for my answer.

I decorate and sell custom decorated sugar cookies to relax and honor all those impacted by Leukemia, I help my daughter and son through their everyday challenges because life is hard but theirs is that much harder, I work as a part time kindergarten aide because those kidos need me and so does their teacher, I cut and color hair because that is the career path my former self loved and started and that love still lies in the new me, I work with a close friend Amy to start more programs in our town for special needs kidos because no one deserves to be lonely and isolated, I blog and wrote a book about my journey through AML Leukemia, I pack way to much into a day because I now know that life can end at any second. I live, I love, I drive my husband and mom nuts because I work to hard and too much. I try to exercise and eat healthy so that if the Leukemia comes back or I get a secondary diagnosis I am strong and ready to fight. I worry about my kids and how being so sick impacted them, I love, I try, I overachieve

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