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Waiting For My Tears

Today is my day off from work. I just completed my lower back pain exercise routines, cleaned up the kitchen from making school lunches, and having the kids make their own breakfast (DISASTER!!), I have done two hot compresses on my eyes, put in about 10 refresh eye drops in each eye and used two Oust Demodex eyelash wipes to get rid of all the germs and buildup on my eyelids and it is only 10am. I am patiently waiting for Fed Ex to deliver my over $600 tears. On Monday a technician drew 10 vials of blood to use to make my own serum tears. I find it extremely ironic that my blood is now going to help my eyes since it is what put me in this mess in the first place. I have no idea how many drops a day I will need. The supply will hopefully last 6 months but time will tell. I am hoping and praying they help me find relief from the constant dryness, blurriness, and itchiness. Survivorship battle woes seem to be never ending. #livingthegoodfight#leukemiawarrior#tired:)

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