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This Christmas

The past few months have been physically, mentally and emotionally challenging. . I haven't felt like "the new" me since before Halloween. I have been on different antibiotics, tired, and my eyes are driving me crazy. I was getting nervous since I haven't felt well in over a month and I had my local doctor perform blood work. The great news is my levels look awesome. The bad news is I don't have pink eye for the third time in two months. I just have chronic dry eyes and a tear duct disorder. I just look and feel like I have conjunctivitis each and every day. My eyes are dry, itchy and irritated all the time. I have to place one or more different drops in both eyes once every hour all day long. During the night I wake up due to gunk and my eyes being extremely irritated. I am trying my best to be positive but being a Cancer Survivor is EXHAUSTING. I do everything the doctors and specialists tell me to do and at times there is still no relief. I constantly feel guilty that I don't have more energy for my kids and hubby. I am tired of being cranky! Thank goodness it is Christmas time and I am constantly reminded that I am not in this battle alone. This Christmas I hope and pray for more medical

miracles. scientific break throughs, continued health and I pray my latest eye medications provide some much needed relief!

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