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The quiet makes me nervous

It's is those few quiet moments throughout my day that I should rejoice in the silence. With two elementary school aged children, a home, marriage, the constant full body maintenance routine and a small business to run I am left with very little down time. Unfortunately, when I do have a random spare moment , I find myself getting nervous. For so many years it was one health hurdle after the next. Constantly being mentally and physically bombarded with pain and struggles. I kept my mind busy pushing myself forward. Stopping to rest was not an option. I still feel at times I am waiting for the next ball to drop. Quiet time quickly can become worry time. It's in these random moments that I need to remind myself to just breathe, just stop and watch Matthew play with his cars, or stop and watch the snow fall, or just stop and watch my favorite show. I am learning that Just Stopping could be the next step forward!

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