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Thank You Mom!

Once my family realized how long and hard my battle with AML Leukemia would be my mom decided to take an early retirement. She insisted on being my main caregiver and cheerleader day after day for over a year. She gave up a huge part of herself that she loved for me, and she didn’t hesitate for a moment. My mom stopped living her life for two years in order to put mine back together. She put all of her needs aside. My personal care and mental health at this time was all consuming. Her full time job became taking care of me and making sure I stayed healthy and alive.

The local pharmacist knew my mom by her first name. From massaging my aching feet to constantly keeping my bathroom clean and sanitized she did it. Day after day she helped my children so I could rest when I needed to. She was constantly pointing out to Alyssa and Matthew (who were only 7 and 4 years old) “ Mommy has to be number one right now, so she can get better”.

My mom knew from years of experience if I didn’t take care of myself and rest when I needed I would never be able to take over the reins of motherhood. On this Mother's Day I want to say Happy Mother's Day and Thank You from the bottom of my heart to my best friend, mother, caregiver, my very first teacher and my children's Mimi Mrs. Marilyn Lipsky! Thank you mom for being you!

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