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Summer Vibes

I absolutely love summer time. Going out for ice cream, taking long early morning walks, hearing the crickets at night and heading to the beach with friends and family is the best. It was almost four years ago that I was preparing for my stem cell transplant. Not knowing if it would be my very last Summer.........

(passage from Living The Good Fight)-Summer vacation was starting at the end of the week and I would miss it all. There would be no building sandcastles or laughing in the waves at the beach, embarking on a family vacation, bike rides, or outings to the local ice cream parlor. My heart ached and I held back tears. Would the next treatment and the transplant even work? Summer is my favorite season of the year and I would be imprisoned inside the walls of 4B for what seemed to be an eternity. It was too much to take in, an overwhelming nightmare. Was this really my life? I constantly battled to bring my focus back to my main goal: living and returning to my family, kids and home. Desperation clawed at my chest, I wanted so much to be healthy once again.

This Summer I encourage you to enjoy your favorite flavor of ice cream, take a half day and head to the beach with your family. Enjoy every moment of fresh air and celebrate your health, we never know what tomorrow may bring


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