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Quite The Month

It has been a very busy month. Living The Good Fight; a mother's journey of faith, hope and AML Leukemia was launched on September 7th and can be found on Amazon and at The Farmers Market on October 9th, Alyssa started fifth grade, Matthew started 2nd, Alyssa turned 11 years old and had two birthday celebrations, I made and packaged an 800 mini cookie order, I was the survivor speaker at The North Central Relay for Life, Alyssa, my parents and I rode 12 miles for the Closer To Free bike ride, I packed countless snacks, helped with fifth grade homework, joined Amy at playgroup and worked on programs for Ellington Unified. I LIVED!! I was tired, stressed. anxious, and fully alive. This month has been amazing!

I remember there was a time in my life where I dreaded being home on a Friday night and now I LOVE IT! Bring on the slippers and PJs this mama is tired!

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