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Quiet Moments

I am currently sitting alone in my home. This is an extremely rare occasion. It has been a different kind of busy lately. I started homeschooling Alyssa this September. Leukemia has taught me some very important life lessons. The first being there is no rush. You get there when you get there. It took forty days (or more) for my body to heal after every Chemotherapy treatment. I had to figure out different ways to do things I had been doing all my life. My molds had been broken and thrown away. At the age of forty-one I have sensory issues I never had before, I tire easier than evert. Large crowds scare me (I can't help but think of all those unknown germs out there!!!). All these issues, my children have been complaining about/hating for years. As their mom I always tried to do what was best for them and help them when they were uncomfortable. Now I know what its like to ABSOLUTELY hate wearing bras because they are tight and itchy. Long to get home to a quiet home after a busy day and know what it's like to feel different from others my age. Maybe God has always thought I would be a perfect fit to teach Ally. Maybe this was indeed his plan

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