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Pumpkin Martinis

Yesterday, I had a great idea. Instead of being bummed that it is getting darker earlier now that Summer is ending. Knowing that due to my glaucoma I will be stuck in my house night after night for months. I thought when God gives you Glaucoma Tracy, you make Pumpkin Martin's and invite the moms night out to you!!

That is exactly what I did and it represents the past five years of my life post Leukemia. Making the best out of a crappy situation. Knowing I will always have physical limits, endless routlines, and mental struggles but enjoying special moments with the neighborhood moms, being able to get the kids off the bus everyday, enjoying my favorite cocktail in the comforts of my home, decorating cookies, cutting hair and living life to the best of

my ability! For I am a Leukemia Warrior, that's what we do!


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