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No recipe in life is guaranteed

A few months back I was in the middle of baking my sugar cookies for an order. There was about three minutes left and they were looking fantastic. They hadn't spread and they were getting golden on the bottom. everything was looking perfect. I no sooner had that thought when bam! The power went out. I had followed the recipe and done everything right but those cookies ended up being duds! I felt the same way about my life pre-leukemia. I exercised, went for routine checkups, ate a well balanced diet and had never even had a broken bone. There was no sign of this crazy storm coming! The power had gone out on life as I new it. In this situation when the power did come back on the Utility company had changed hands, it's policies and procedures and there was also a huge spike in hidden fees. From eye drops, various medications and copays for follow up appointments on multiple body parts the expenses are endless. There was no storm warning, no break in my radio programming the power went out without warning or time to prepare. The storm that came through was one for the books! It left my children, family and friends scrambling to pick up the pieces.

The good news is I couldn't use those under baked cookies for my cookie order, but I re-baked them when the power was restored and they made yummy cookie pops for my kids. Only God knows when the power will go out or come back on. Thank goodness for friends and family that share their favorite recipes and bring over hot cooked meals when your power goes


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