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My New Career Title

Facing AML Leukemia has taught my family and I an unbelievably valuable life lesson. Everyone you meet on Earth has a story of their very own. Cancer effects people from every age, race, faith and gender. My parents and I would see innocent little children who were undergoing treatments. With their bald little heads, jaundice appearance and look of pure exhaustion on their innocent little faces our hearts ached for them and their families. At times I would see individuals facing their battle all on their own. Time after time, day after day they were sitting all by themselves. No one else was with them to offer comfort or aide. Facing cancer as I have mentioned is very lonely and frightening world. I could never imagine facing it all by yourself. I thank God every day that I was born into and married into two caring and loving families. I am extremely proud that my entire family has taken part in various cancer fundraisers and missions since my battle and even before cancer affected our family personally. My father, cousin, and her husband ride each year in The Smilow Closer to Free cancer bike ride. One year my dad, cousin and I were even featured in a video promotion for the ride. I was beaming when I saw the advertisement. I thought at least all those hours of pain, fear and anxiety would help others out there who were battling their very own cancer story. My mom, daughter, husband, and I participate in the local Relay for life each spring with our Team Holy Walkamolies. Thank you Anna and Kim for welcoming us onto the team. My daughter has started Beaded from The Heart where she is making beaded bracelets and all the proceeds are being donated to St. Jude’s Children’s hospital. My sister is always sharing our stem cell match success story for Be The Match. I am still baking away for each holiday with Kearcher Cookies For A Cure. Recently someone reached out for cookies for a fundraiser she was . She had a close friend going through his very own cancer battle. When she asked how much for the cookies without hesitation, I replied they are on the house. I thought to myself, throughout my life from time to time I would feel bad because I never earned my bachelor’s degree, Tim and I decided it would be best for my family if I was a stay at home mom. Many times, throughout the years I would un-worthy since I wasn’t making my own paycheck, I didn’t have a fancy job title. Now though I think to myself I have an extremely important job I am a cancer survivor. I can share my success story. I can offer aide and help to others who are going through a similar battle. God blessed my family and I with remission and now my career goal is to help others achieve remission too!

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