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My Hallmark Movie

Last night I was folding laundry scrolling through the TV channels when I found my favorite channel of all times. The Hallmark movie channel. Full of positive stories, predictable happy endings, cheerful neighbors, beautiful landscape and flowers, it is simply a dose of happiness and cheer whenever you are in need. The movie that was playing I had seen when I was in the hospital undergoing my second round of chemotherapy. Waves of memories came flooding back. As the couple fell in love I thought back on how far I have come in the past 3.5 years. From not knowing whether or not the treatment I was undergoing would work? Would I be around to see my own kids fall in love? Would I ever be able to enjoy a fresh salad again? Or go for a jog in autumn with all the beautiful colors from the trees surrounding me? Would I be able to share my story of survival? Could I have a happy ending like this movie? Where I hug and kiss my prince (the one and only, Tim) with all my friends and family cheering us on? I DID! God Bless Tim and I and Hallmark Happy Endings!!

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