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Missing Puzzle Pieces

I am now missing "puzzle pieces" from my field of vision in my left eye. As if losing two years of my life due to treatment, undergoing a Stem Cell Transplant and having a chronic case of graft vs. host throughout my body wasn't ENOUGH for one mom, wife and daughter. I found out over a year ago that I also had a case of advanced Glaucoma in my left eye. With Glaucoma eye site that has been lost can never be restored. The nerve damage is permanent. I had the Lasik procedure performed in my early 20s, I was on prescribed steroids to combat the graft vs. host, I hadn't had a full eye exam in over two years (due to treatment for Leukemia), and I had a family history of early onset Glaucoma. I sometimes get bad headaches, very tired and I can no longer drive at night. It really SUCKS! So you might be wondering why I am telling you all this... My hope is to help another Leukemia survivor not lose their site! Get to your eye dr for a full eye exam ASAP!!

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