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Just let It go!

I had a really great conversation with Alyssa tonight about anger and just letting it go. I was trying to explain to her when you keep all that anger bottled up inside you the only person you are hurting is yourself. You are so focused on being mad and how you have been wronged that you miss the life and new opportunities happening all around you. There simply isn't enough room in your heart for all that anger. I explained to her that I could be pissed off, asking why me? How much can one women take? I missed two years of life, I miss my perfect eye site, I miss my tick hair, my skin is so itchy and on and on but all that negativity would only drain my energy even more. I am already tired. I already have enough baggage I don't need anymore and neither do you! Let it go! Start each day fresh, it is a brand new day full of endless opportunity

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