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Just a typical day

Today is Friday of April Vacation! A rainy snowy day too! So far I vacuumed my kitchen floor twice, ate lunch standing up, brushed my teeth and put my Invisalign back in again, helped Alyssa decorate a cake, undecorate my counter tops, spent three hours at the doctors for follow up appointments, scraped the crud (aka Matt's dried snack) off the window sill, did a load of laundry, finished decorating 20 cow cookies and listened to a live Facebook session on the best ways to publish my memoir. At times I think to myself how am I going to be able to make it to bedtime, I am so tired. Then I smile and think THANK GOD! Thank God I am alive today to help my kids arrange playdates, decorate one of a kind cakes and scrape crud off my white window sill (who the heck painted it white definately didn't have kids). I star

ed down at the hospital bracelet today and all the horrific memories came racing back. My heart aching since I haven't seen my kids in days, wondering if I will be alive for the next holiday, not having enough energy to finish decorating cookies I started and missing life. Today I am celebrating a typical snowy/rainy day!

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