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Just a typical day...

Today we celebrated my dad's birthday with a delicious lasagna and a three layered chocolate cake. The lunch was delicious. Other then wearing masks and not hugging or kissing it was as "normal" a birthday celebration that a daughter could ask for. Growing up my dad was Mr. Fix It. If there was a broken toy or a lightbulb out in my room my dad came to the rescue. He was always happy to help too! Nothing ever seemed to hard or too much for him to fix. He was also smart enough to read up on the task or find the best video from You Tube to get the job done fast and efficient. It wasn't until my teenage years that I realized my superhero Dad couldn't fix everything. He couldn't fix a broken heart, and he unfortunately couldn't make the Leukemia disappear at the age of 35. However, he is still my superhero!! He drove me to Boston for treatments more times than I can count, he never once complained, or made me feel like a burden. He read articles and did his typical dad research on the latest Leukemia treatments, and tricks of the trade from other cancer survivors. He was always by my side whispering words of encouragement and love. In those moments I would feel like a little girl being protected by her superhero dad again! I hope and pray for many more "normal" birthday celebrations throughout the coming years! Happy Birthday Mr. Fix it

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