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Humor or Miracles?

Yesterday I experienced a bit of both. As we all know it was February 2nd, Groundhog Day. My son came off the bus in an amazing mood. "Mom...... I saw Punxsutawney Phil he is such a cutie!!!!! He saw his shadow there will be six more weeks of winter!" For anyone that personally knows our family my son has Apraxia of speech and was non verbal until about the age of three. Then is was a great day if he said a few words here and there. Many prayers and hours of speech therapy later to her him say Punxutawney Phil seemed like a small miracle to me. I went on to ask him where he saw him. I was thinking on the television, tablet or whiteboard screen in school. Nope, he whips out his folder and there he is Mr Punxutawney Phil colored brown and red by the one and only Mr. Matthew K. And I thought to myself in life you need both! Humor and miracles go hand in hand. Both are as powerful. Both are as sacred. Both can help the sick and the lonely. Thank God for humor and everyday miracles!

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