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Here I go again....

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Exactly four years later I am back to where it all started.....the dentist's office. This time around I am here to fix all the problems that the chemotherapy and medications have caused. After, receiving all the chemotherapy treatments my bones became extremely weak and my teeth shifted in my mouth. As my mom and I said yesterday, "my life has become the never ending shit show"! So here I am day two of Invisalign. I have bitten my cheek two times today and have managed to snap the tray onto my Oral Mucosa sending shivers down my spine. I am once again waiting to feel better. It's a good thing I have practice when Someone asked me today what advice I have to fellow cancer warriors out there. My response was to stay as busy as mentally and physically possible. Take up a hobby you never had time for, volunteer in your community, go for a walk and actually look at your surroundings. Take time to appreciate the fresh air, if you don't live in Ellington, you can appreciate the smells that surround you. Write in a journal or draw a picture. Who knows maybe it will become your next business adventure

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