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Graft Vs. Host

Fun, Fun, Fun says no stem cell transplant patient ever! It is a autoimmune disease that you most likely will receive after undergoing a transplant due to Leukemia. The severity of your case is unknown but the closer the stem cell match the milder the case should be. I now suffer from chronic dry eye. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do (so I can see clearly) is apply a hot compress to my eyes. This helps to open up my tear glands in my upper eyelid. Before, I do this I look like I have had a really rough night the night before. My eyes lids are usually partially swollen, and I have what I call pink eye crud in the corners. My husband is a real trooper because it ain't pretty that's for sure!! For the first year after my transplant I was on steroids to help my body combat the graft vs host that was running rampant throughout my new bod. My mouth, skin and sinuses were all extremely dry as well. I almost feel as if you trade death for daily reminders of everything you need to be thankful for. Eyes that allow you to see, a nose so you can stop and smell the roses, a mouth so you can talk to your loved ones and skin so you can feel the warmth from the sun. These were all things I missed when I was in 4B for 40 days! God Bless and Good night!

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