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Four Years Later

Four years ago today my family and I were praying with all our might that my sister's stem cells would save my life. The odds were not in our favor but I was never going to throw in the towel. I had so much to live for.

I have learned a great deal about being a cancer survivor. It isn't an easy road. As I am typing this my lower back is aching and the heating pad is warming up. I miss the old Tracy. The women who didn't think twice about going for a five mile jog. Or drive five hours to see her best friend in Pennsylvania. That Tracy is no longer.

Cancer is not fair! I didn't do anything wrong, I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to the old Tracy. Thank her for going down insane rollercoasters as a teen, or for bearing two beautiful kids.

On the other hand I thank God every day that we did beat the odds. I am happy that I am alive to tell my story and keep Living The Good Fight!

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