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First Eye Treatment (don't read while eating)

Today, I had my first IPL eye treatment. I have to be honest, I was extremely nervous. Part of me was saying don't push your luck Tracy. The vital serum eye drops I have been using have helped a lot. In fact all the staining in my eye upon examination was gone today. As far as the light treatment went there were no positive google search stories on Graft Verse Host Chronic Dry Eye and IPL light treatments. The treatment itself had a ton of positive reviews but no one who has gone through what I have. The eye treatment itself was quick, uncomfortable and slightly painful. I told my hubby it was like the Dr was extracting pimples along my eyelashes. However, he did extract some oil so that was a huge plus. Now, as I sit here tying this I am tired and slightly nauseous a feeling I have experienced way to much! When my kidos come home and tell me today that they had a rough day, I am going to really have to bite my tongue. They would have ran out of that eye drs office screaming and yelling. That image is making me smile as I type this. In all honesty I am very happy I went today and praying for more successes.

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