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Excerpt from my Journey with AML Leukemia

I never thought I would be writing a book, especially a book about surviving AML Leukemia. My battle started with a simple toothache that just would not heal. I had always been extremely healthy, exercised regularly and tried to eat healthy foods. I was never a big drinker or a smoker. I am a loving mother who at the time had two young children who desperately needed me. I taught Sunday school at the local parish, I was a member of my children’s school PTO, I was the leader for my daughter’s Girl Scout Daisy Troop, and a part of the Ellington Moms Club. How could my family and I be going through this? Why me, why now, why God WHY!!?? My friends, family and loved ones started a prayer community that spread all over the United States. When my faith was depleted and being questioned, I was able to be carried by the prayers and well wishes of complete strangers.

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