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Easter Memories

Over the next few days I want to clean my house and prepare for my family's Easter Holiday. This week as I went store to store and made my to do list, I couldn't help but think of Easter 2017.

The Easter that I didn't prepare for since I was in the hospital battling with Leukemia. I wasn't even sure if I would be home on Easter day. That year my to do list consisted of taking 20 different medications, trying to keep down the water I was drinking and appreciate all the time I had at home with my kids and family. My time at home would be short lived since I wasn't in remission yet and would need to seek further treatment at Dana Farber in Boston. That Easter I was wondering if it would be my very last Easter ever on Earth. That Easter everything seemed magical. From the way mom, sister and husband prepared a feast from leftovers, my children received the largest Easer baskets ever thanks to many generous donations, and even the mass we watched on TV was beautiful.

This Easter

holiday as I sit around my dinner table with my family I will be thinking about all the cancer patients who wont make it home for this holiday or any other holidays. This Easter I will continue to thank God for My Perfect Stem Cell Match. This Easter I will celebrate being a Leukemia Warrior

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