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Blast from the past?

Today I had a Glitsy Girls Birthday party for an adorable 9 year old. I had actually helped her celebrate a previous birthday pre-leukemia as well. This time I had to make sure the party feel within daylight hours, and limit the number of birthday guests. You see I may look like the same old Miss Tracy from afar but I have have been through the ringer while I was away. Miss Tracy can no longer drive at night and she gets tired much easier as well. She use to be able to do updo's for hours and be on her feet all day. On one hand it feels amazing to be out and about doing "MY THING AGAIN" and on the other I am sad and frustrated that it might have only been a few years that have passed but I have aged about twenty. I want to stomp my feet and yell, "It's not fair! I want to be able to drive at night in the dark, I want my old life back!" Then I think... Tracy at least you have life

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