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Another day, another diagnosed, another beloved deceased

Cancer is not fair! It does not have any rules or compassion. It is a never- ending roller coaster ride in which the devil is in control. It pushes you up and down and all around. You scream, you puke, your stomach is in knots. At times it feels like you are finally going to get off this freak show of a ride and resume your “normal” life. Finally, free at last. Then the devil lets out a crackling laugh and the horror ride resumes again

Some days it feels as if the word Cancer is everywhere. You hear about a role model from your hometown growing up, someone your husband works with having a cancer scare. It just feels like no matter where you turn you hear of innocent people and families suffering. As a survivor your heart breaks a little more every time you hear of a new case. Cancer isn't fair, it doesn't play by any rules, and many times it invades without warning. Today my daughter asked me why God cured me but didn't cure the little girl's Papa? That question rocks you to the core. I told Alyssa, "I honestly don't know, only God knows". I went on to tell her that all we can do is help those who are suffering around us, and live each and every day to the fullest. Call a friend or family member you haven't spoken with in awhile, give your babies an extra hug, take a walk through the woods, laugh out loud at your son's joke, have an extra scoop of your favorite ice cream, and enjoy you cozy bed. Live each and every day like it may be your last!

(this post is dedicated to the Rosenblatt family)

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