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A Recipe for Success

Over the holiday break the kids and I did a cute writing activity where we wrote a recipe for pretend magical cookies. I thought to myself if life could only be this easy! We added in a dash of hope, a sprinkle of kindness, we stirred in two cups of happiness, and of course two tablespoons of love. After baking this mixture at 350 degrees for ten minutes we had magical cookies. They were perfect! Fat free and calorie free! Also, my kitchen wasn't a complete disaster! If only real life baking with the kidos went so smoothly. Sometimes in life we follow the cookie recipe to a tee and somehow the cookies burn or come out flat. Maybe the baking powder went bad or maybe the dough was over turned. No matter the reason our cookies look and taste anything but magical. This is how I felt after the Leukemia diagnosis. I had followed all the steps. I ate healthy, went to the Drs for checkups, exercised, and slept well. What happened to my perfect life recipe? Thank gosh for my magical ingredients. My sister's stem cells, faith, hope, love and kindness!

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