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This is Us Kearcher Style

I just finished watching the recorded episode of This is Us. If I had tears to cry this episode would have released the dam. The episode portrayed the years and how quickly they fly by from one generation to the next. One minute your husband is driving like a mad man on the ultimate mission to get his precious cargo to the delivery room on time. Then it feels like you blink and that same baby girl will be in fifth grade next year. When I received the Leukemia diagnosis the vision of the life I thought I was going to have came screeching to an abrupt halt. I missed out on many precious episodes of my children's life. I can never simply press rewind and watch that time period again. Nor do I have screen writers who could guarantee me that I will be in the script for the day my Alyssa gets married or the day that my Matthew buys his very first blue pick up truck. In real life only Almighty God has the actual script. The one thing I did learn on my journey, was to treat each and ever day like your final episode. Cherish each laugh and smile. When we can,

hold the hug a few seconds longer. Like my mom has always said, "never go to bed angry with a loved one, for you never know what tomorrow may bring". All we ever have is right now, this moment, TODAY!

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