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Unfortunately, as I have mentioned in the past Remission is hard work. The never ending marathon. Each and every day I try my best to keep chugging along. I am trying to achieve the healthiest possible me post Leukemia that I can be. One reason is the fear of "the" sickness returning and another reason is to feel like I use to. I try to exercise every day, and incorperate my PT stretches (even while waiting for my kids to arrive at the bus stop, I know I am one cool mom!!). I have also been trying to follow a plant based diet. With the hopes of healing my gut from the war it has gone through (endless medications and three rounds of chemotherapy). It seems to be helping but, I am not nearly the person I was. There is no magic pill, exercise routine or diet plan that can bring back the old Tracy she is gone and I didn't even have a chance to say goodbye. As I sit here writing this blog my lower back is hurting and my neck is in knots. Today a family friend via zoom said I looked tired, I replied actually that's just the way I look now with my chronic dry eyes. I feel like there isn't one single part of my entire body that hasn't been changed by cancer. However, the new me isn't all that bad. She now loves being home, baking and writing, she has seen and met people with hearts of gold, she values each and every day, every breath of fresh air, every smile from her children, and bad dad joke from her husband. She also loves when her packages arrive from Amazon!

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